Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Guava goodness

At the Kesan Mela (farmers' fair) held in mid-September here at PAU I met Parmveer - a young guy hawking guava juice in smart little bottles from an orchard just a few kilometers away.  Lucky for me, Parmveer was parked in Canada for several years, allowing me to avoid an awkward conversation in which I point and speak barely comprehendible Hindi mixed with English. A few weeks after inviting myself to the orchard, I was seated in the back of Parmveer's car, listening to his grandfather review his extensive CV.  Long before it was common, Parmveer's grandfather traveled to the U.S. on just Rs 2500 to earn his PhD in Oregon.  Following a flight to Southeast Asia and a twenty-one day boat ride to California, the grandfather arrived in the U.S. with barely Rs 400 in his pocket.  Many years and accomplishments later he moved back to India to teach at PAU (at that time it went by another name) and cultivate a small amount of land he had bought.

The grandfather - grandson duo is just getting started with their latest enterprise, and are currently producing small batches of juice using university equipment from CIPHET (Central Institute of Post-Harvest Engineering and Technology).  CIPHET began, according to their website, in 1989 to research post-harvest engineering technologies.  Below  you will see some of the fruits of CIPHET's labor.

Pretty straight-forward what goes on here

This machine can dry fruit

This seems to have been named after a pro-wrestler



Don't know what is going on here

the Grandpa

So the story with this place is that they manufacture clothes for Wal-Mart. I thought it was an abandoned building but apparently they want you to think that so they can continue to escape the authorities and sneak electricity freely off the grid

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