Thursday, December 9, 2010

I've cracked the code

About two weeks before I left for Rajasthan, I noticed that the cool (sans water heater) showers that I had relished to relieve my skin of the sticky heat of September and October were becoming less and less refreshing. I surveyed a few Indians to ask their opinion. I could buy a type of rod, several said. This rod plugs into the wall and then you stick it in a bucket of water to warm the water. Well, seems quite counterintuitive to stick a metal rod with voltage running through it into a bucket of water. No offense to the ISI, but I don't feel entirely secure in their monitoring abilities to ensure I won't get zapped to an early urn. The other option was to buy a geiser. Not the kind you find in an old folks' home; it's actually a hot water heater. So I did just that, and had it installed shortly after I returned from Rajasthan.  

Oh, what a difference it makes! But still, I was feeling a bit cool in between dumps of the warm water from my little cup, as I'm now taking bucket showers because the water was redirected to dispense from the wall faucet. The air being only in the 50's in the morning, I would shiver through the whole process. Of course, of course! Mrs. Pogemiller from 5th grade science class would not be pleased that I had forgotten the basics of evaporation. First, wash your hair. During this time your body stays dry, and therefore, a bit warmer. You can even remain nearly entirely clothed during this process. After the whole hair thing, only then do you pour the warm water over your body. This way, you are only wet for a few minutes and can quickly finish the job before drying off. 

A rather trivial discovery, but I enjoy uncovering these little tricks that help me adapt to a new place.   

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