Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh, what a difference 30 degrees makes

The other night, after going to sleep around midnight, I woke up a half hour later to gusty winds ghoulishly blowing my doors open and shut. The last time this had happened, I welcomed in the breeze only to find my countertops covered in black spots and my eye tearing up because one of the dust monsters had attacked me.

However, I could not resist, because with it the wind brought cooler temperatures, feathery but ominous clouds and a lot of lightening. Earlier in the day it was about 41 degrees so the drop to 23 was making me giddy, like a kid licking his first taste of cotton candy, or like me when I, with a little shame, hit the bodega around midnight after a night out with friends for my favorite flavor of Ben and Jerry's. After turning off my a/c and flinging open every door in my apartment, I went back to bed and slept like never before. So much so that I missed my Skype date because we had lost power and my phone died and so my alarm did not go off, so I didn't wake up till after 9.

Again today it is still a bit cooler. It's not going to last - tomorrow will be back in the 40's. But I'm enjoying it while it does. I have energy again! I want to do things again!  I am drinking hot coffee again!


On the topic of sleep, some of you may know about this, if you have traveled before to India or other developing countries. But if not, you may be surprised to learn that many times employees will sleep at their work places. Usually they're surviving with just a blanket. The boys that work at the canteen next to my apartment begin their day around 7 AM and finish around 11 PM. They have a few breaks - mostly after lunch. When I go to the canteen around 4, I find them sleeping in one of the back rooms. But at night, because it is so hot, they sleep outside, as in this picture:

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