Saturday, March 26, 2011

Will you accept a little rambling?

Having been quite some time since I posted, I'm finding it difficult to jump back into this here blogging world. So, if you'll pardon the randomness of it, I'm just going to spout off a few things that have come to mind recently.

1) People are different. No matter how much we want to say that we're all the same, culture plays an obviously huge role in our lives and shapes us forever. Take for instance the simple appliance the refrigerator. While I, and many other Americans, probably consider this a vital appliance, I'm not sure most Indians feel the same way. Sure, you can go into most middle class and up homes in Mumbai, Delhi and Ludhiana and find a fridge. But go to the villages or to poorer homes, and these families will likely have a t.v. before they have a fridge.  In fact, they may even have satellite t.v. before they have a fridge. And open a fridge in an Indian's home, and what will you find?  Not much.  Most likely it will be nearly empty. Once I caught my maid snuffing out the contents of my fridge and showing her curious sister how full it was. I am one person and my fridge is stuffed. It's just how I was raised and how I cook. I make leftovers; I change my meals frequently; I like to have things on hand for when I want a snack; and I like my snacks cold!  

2) We are changing seasons here in Punjab. I went from a simple sheet on the bed in August to using two quilts and a heater in December, and now I'm back to just the sheet.  Pretty soon I hope to install an a/c so I don't melt when temps hit the 100's and the humidity approaches saturation levels.

3) I got an extension! The good people at Fulbright are allowing me to stay an extra three months. Hence the need for an a/c. My return to NYC in August will be a shocker, but now I have a few more months to prepare and also find a job. If you're hiring, let me know!

4) I've decided to consult an astrologer. They're quite common here - people often make major decisions based on what their astrologer tells them. I won't put that much emphasis on his predictions and am using it more for fun.  Who knows?!

5) I am humbled. I was in Goa recently for the Fulbright conference. And if my fellow Fulbrighters are any indication of the stock of young people about to emerge into the workforce, America will be a-okay.  It's amazing what some 22 year olds are doing with their life. Some of these scholars will go on to some of the best medical schools in the US; jobs at Google and prestigious firms and PhD's at MIT. I was impressed and awed. It was great.

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