Tuesday, August 17, 2010


After the Fulbright orientation concluded, we were let out on our own.  A few of us went to India Gate and Lodi Gardens.  It took approximately five minutes for my shirt to become damp and half an hour, tops, for it to feel like a dishrag.  Humidity like this should be illegal.  

We made a brief stop at the Lodi Gardens, which are a lovely respite of green in Delhi.  Delhi actually has quite a few parks – at least, it seems to me – they have more than I expected.  Then we took an auto rickshaw to the American Embassy for a Town Hall meeting.  The point of these Town Hall meetings seems to be to inform Americans in India about goings-on; the specific point of this meeting was about absentee ballots, although most of the questions from the Americans were related to visa issues and one persistent fellow enquiring how to get his daughter in-state tuition despite her not currently living in any state in the U.S.  

Indians tend to eat on the late side – generally 9 PM – so after the embassy event, we headed to get some food.  After many missed turns and a long walk along a desolate highway-type road, we came upon a Chinese restaurant and had some decent manchurian.

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