Thursday, August 19, 2010

Peepli, but not live, unfortunately


After traipsing through the construction, we were rewarded with this yummy dinner

Much of the area around our hotel was under construction in preparation for the Commonwealth Games in October

The wonderful Delhi Metro map - expanding as we speak

Office building near the mall

My consolation prize

Unfortunately Fun Cinemas was not so fun for me because the movie wasn't playing with subtitles

Attempted to see a movie today.  The rain came today in spurts, so I thought it best to check out Delhi’s cinema offerings.  After some searching on the sparse Time Out Delhi website, the movie Peepli Live stood out as a good option – a satirical look at farmer suicides in India, this Hindi indie was I believe the first ever screened at Sundance.  Ironically, I think all the folks back in the U.S. will see it before I do – I could not locate a cinema where it was playing with subtitles.  This after a Metro ride to northwest Delhi and a cruise around a slightly downtrodden mall area.  I settled for a coffee from CafĂ© Coffee Day and the Times of Delhi instead.

Dinner was with fellow fellow Jenny -  we had lamb kebabs and wonderfully greasy roti served with raw onion and a tasty green sauce of unknown origin.

In the distance, that is a cow grazing on grass near the mall


  1. Could have been better, but I was not being picky at that moment. I found a better one here in Ludhiana at Barrista.