Monday, August 23, 2010

Warnings from the Ludhiana Police

I'm regularly now getting text message warnings from the Ludhiana Police.  Here's a sample:

“Don’t mix drinking and driving.  Have a safe day. Ludhiana Police.”

"Caution and care make accidents rare.  Have a safe day. Ludhiana Police."

And more recently: “Be alert: Accidents hurt. Have a safe day. Ludhiana Police.”  And: “Chance takers are accident makers.  Follow traffic rules.  Have a safe day. Ludhiana Police.”  

While these are coming a little too frequently, I still find myself smiling at the little rhymes they come up with.  Given that traffic rules are not really followed by drivers here, I’m not sure that these texts are effective.  I was at first confused about the meaning of a red light here because whenever I was in a car, the driver never stopped at it.  So I had to ask someone. Apparently, it means the same thing it means in the U.S.; it's just no one really pays it mind. 

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